Addiction is the greatest social problem of our time. It breaks up families, holds self-destruction, and causes damage, heartbreak and emotional and physical scarring. Addiction contributes a lot to crime and as a result to prison population. It triggers several of our most costly medical epidemics, such as type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity not to mention anxiety and depression.
Addiction cuts across every socioeconomic classification, has no respect for age, gender or race.
But addiction is not just about getting drunk or taking drugs or a smoker: addiction can have many different faces like anorexia, pornography, gambling, prescribed drugs or painkillers. You might struggle with addictions in other ways such as workaholism, overeating, shopping beyond your means, or engaging addictively with technology such as video games, texting and Facebook. If you think you don’t suffer from addiction in any way, chances are you know and care about someone who does.
There’s no magic cure for addiction: I believe no one can help an addict unless is ready to be saved and wants to help himself.
Even after engaging in recovery, relapses are common and only show how hard it is to stop.
To be caught in addiction of any kind is one of the loneliest experiences you can have.
Throughout my experience with addicts I found that they are extraordinary people whose remarkable gifts remain prisoners in a place they simply will never access until they recover.
Addiction will do whatever it takes do destroy a person’s life and then end it. There’s no other way.
Recovery must give the answers to the addict, a combination of many things such as counselling, life coaching, meditation and yoga and even changing eating habits.
On my journal I share my experience with you: not from an addict perspective, but from a therapist viewpoint who can become emotional with clients, feels, breathe, smells and hear their struggles and those involved with them as if those were mine. After thousands of hours of clinical work with a high percentage of positive results, I have the experience, skills and knowledge to help many more.
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