Tommy Rosen defines addiction like no one else: “Any behaviour you continue to do despite the fact that it brings negative consequences into your life”
Initially they were five: drugs, alcohol, food, people and money. With technology the big five are now the BIG SIX.
Addiction is all around us because, for a variety of reasons, we have lost the ability to sense our togetherness. We feel isolated, overwhelmed, not seen, unloved and perhaps unlovable.
DRUGS: drugs refer to illicit and prescribed drugs and are one of the biggest businesses in the world. We are taking and epidemic amount of drugs these days.
ALCOHOL: alcohol became the society’s pressure-relief valve. Alcohol is so much part of our lives that would be almost impossible to imagine life without it. In US alone about 80.000 Americans die from some sort of alcohol abuse. It also contributes hugely to crime in particular domestic abuse in all its forms and shapes.
FOOD: food surely became more recently a big problem and people struggle with emotional eating, bingeing, anorexia and bulimia. This is what we call the cess addiction. It’s difficult one just to give up like alcohol or drugs. Rather we are in process with it all the time. The new epidemic is obesity and has spread to the children.
PEOPLE: this is about relationships, intimacy and sex. There are 3 main relationships in life: to self, to others and to God, Universe, Spirit or whatever you want to call it. Sex and intimacy walk together: sex addicts use intimacy and their bodies to try and fill the emptiness they find inside.
MONEY: money-related addictions include gambling, shopping and overspending. It all relates to a bad relationship with money and leads to amazing suffering. The one big difference is that the body will not stop you from spending money like on drugs, alcohol or food: there are no visible physical side effects.
TECHNOLOGY: within the computer I’m writing this, there’s an immense sea of possibilities. Knowledge, business opportunities, gambling, pornography, online banking, money transfers, shopping and the list goes on and on. Many are very useful and many are nothing but empty pleasures and unfortunately these are the ones where people spend most of their time. It offers you the possibility of pulling you out of that boring moment and the illusion of endless possibility.
I’ve been working with gamblers for some years. Above 90% of my work is around gambling, co-dependency and the effects on the individual and affected others. Many times the magical thinking makes them perpetuate their gambling as they are hoping and waiting for that big win that will solve all their problems…ain’t happen.
I saw people having no money to buy food for themselves and their families.
I saw people losing jobs, marriages, family because of their addiction.
I saw honest people committing some sort of crime to fund their gambling addiction.
I saw people losing the savings of a lifetime, their properties due to gambling
I saw them thinking the only way out is by killing themselves, and some did…
If you are a gambler or know about someone affected by this hidden addiction come and talk to me, I can help.

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