Being a gambler addict exhausted my relationship, my finances, my trust in myself, my confidence, my values and my emotions.”

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Have you ever lost time at work due to gambling?
Has gambling ever affected your home life?
Has gambling affected your mood swings?
Have you ever felt regrets after gambling?
Have you ever gambled to get money hoping to solve your financial difficulties?
Has gambling caused a decrease in your motivation or efficiency?
After losing did you feel you must return as soon as possible to chase your losses?
Do you often gamble until all your money is gone?
After a win did this make you want to win more?
Have you ever borrowed to finance your gambling?
Have you ever sold anything to finance your gambling?
After a win instead of treating yourself or your family did you gamble it away?
Did gambling cause you to neglect yourself and, or your family?
When you start to gamble do you find it hard to know when to stop?
Have you ever used gambling as an escapism from loneliness, grief etc?
Have you ever committed, or thought about committing, an illegal act to fund your gambling?
Do you find it difficult to sleep following gambling?
Do arguments, disappointments cause you to escape into gambling?
Do you ever get the urge to celebrate your good fortune with gambling?
Do you ever contemplated suicide as a result of your gambling?

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Author: Nuno Leitao

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