Meet Nuno

I am a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Life Coach. I hold a diploma in Integrative Counselling – BACP accredited course programme, Gold Book Standards.

My expertise on gambling addiction recovery comes from the fact that 95% of my clients suffer from this terrible and devastating illness. Since 2012 I have been immersed in helping individuals with their recovery and wellness. That, combined with my constant research, life experience and have helped more than 500 clients with an astounding 90%+ positive results, makes me one of the most experienced counsellors on this field; I listen; I understand; I emphasise.

My passion for people and their wellbeing creates within me the desire to research continuously finding new ways of treatment and life coaching, reflecting on my work and listening to client’s feedback.

“If you ever had dreamed that you deserve more for your life, please listen to it as I believe it is the sound of your soul inviting you to become whole again.” (Tommy Rosen)


I live in Norwich, UK where I offer counselling on a one to one basis. With the online gambling exploding all over the world and affecting more and more youngsters and women, I decided to support through online programmes, trainings, coaching and modules aiming to change the life of thousands of people worldwide. I see gamblers as the victims of a system that does very little to help, credit must be given to some organisations working hard out there.

I work hard and succeed because I can make the difference between good recovery and recovery for good.

I think that my unique life experience combined with my passion for people makes me a compassionate, good listener and non judgemental Counsellor and Life Coach.

So if you have a problem with gambling or know of someone who does, come and talk to me, I CAN HELP

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